Thursday, May 4, 2017

2017: So Far

photo by Malcolm Smith


Some solo and collaborative shows from the beginning of 2017 through early Spring. At this almost halfway point in the year, just wanted to put these together in one place for myself to reflect on. It's been challenging for me to plan shows far ahead or at all at times due to life circumstances real or perceived. Yet, playing music has kept me grounded and given me points in space and time to focus on. I am very happy with the shows I've organized and the high quality of the performers and performances. I'm especially grateful to be able to collaborate with a variety of some really amazing players consistently. I keep learning new things, developing and my awareness keeps expanding about all aspects of playing and performing.
Many times I really have no idea what any of this means, if anything, but, it feels important to keep doing it and let things be and happen, let it transform me and my life.
Also, since Fall or so of 2016 busking has also been a casual ongoing thing, one that has provided a lot of great experiences. It was an unexpected synchronistic happening to be featured in a really cool article by The Stranger's Dave Segal. It felt great to have some amazing outside validation as well as learn about some great guitarists via the article to obsess on.
I have no idea what the rest of 2017 will be like and constantly remind myself that the future does not exist, that the past is over and to stay as present as I can and take it easy.


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Report-Back: The Waypost

I did a quick run to Portland and back same night to play a set at The Waypost (great cozy joint with very nice staff) with Kole Galbraith this past Monday night. It was a great little trip. We made enough for gas, food and whatnot, which I've been experiencing more and more often and as an experimental or improvised musician always very surprising and very welcome. It helps when there's a great turn out, thanks to The Dead White and Evil Genius, both who put on great sets. I also got to see some old friends and catch up or try to and one friend (thanks Dave!) gave me the awesome lighted object in the photo on this post.
Kole and I opened the night up with he on electric bass and me on guitar as per usual. Noisy, aggressive but mixed up with silences, quietness as well. We apparently didn't look up once at the audience. I caught myself thinking, being in my head a little too much. I wish I could've reviewed the recording because that's always the best way to really hear what went down...but I forgot to push "record" I think. I only captured about 2 seconds of audience/room ambience. But, I think it's funny and somehow fitting so I uploaded it for listening and documentation.
Plan to play more with Kole in the future, great guy and always interesting jamming with him. Also, my voice was hoarse from chatting all the way down and back to Portland, great conversations. Maybe next time I'll capture our collaborative sound instead of 2 seconds of environmental ambience!


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Doris Day Or Die no.8

Episode no.8 of the Doris Day Or Die Podcast, an experimental, free improvisation, noise and new music podcast. 


Music and sounds:

1. All Phenomena Are Dependently Arisen - Uneasy Chairs, Vanessa Skantze, Chad Allen and Justin Smith (Live At Teatro de la Psychomachia)

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Deep Thoughts & Deep Listening

I had a great back to back Friday and Saturday night of improvising, listening and experiencing sound. Friday in Olympia at Le Voyeur with #tits, Failings and Remy Gnol, playing to a crowd of two. Saturday in Seattle at Teatro de la Psychomachia with Failings, Remy Gnol, adc~, Justin Smith. In Seattle my set was joined by Butoh artist Vanessa Skantze once again as well as Chad Allen on drums and Justin Smith on electric viola. It was a sustained 38 plus minute epic blast. 

I am very fortunate to know many great artists and ones that also regularly agree to play and perform with me or join up for shows. A friend told me recently that he thinks I'm being "blessed" with many offers via music and I think I understand what that means and agree. This year is drawing to a close soon and I've managed to be a part of some truly great shows and happenings.

I continue to try to evaluate what my art and music is but I know it's all just a mystery, like life, and try to tell my monkey-mind to leave it at that.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Report-Back: IN in Noise 2

Had a great time at InArtsNw's IN the Noise 2, put together by Tyler Griffith. Tony James introduced my set and loaded up on San Pellingrino I launched into space. I have been thinking about this county, the world and all the fear, anger and my personal sense of helplessness/power and put it all into it. Every show is the last show. 

I had wanted to sell my tapes and donate the money to causes but I'm a horrible salesman when I'm in performance mode. I just can't bring myself to barely say anything except "thank you" when I'm done playing. My head-doc says I need a closer, a hype-person, a handler and I don't disagree. 

CEOs Incorporated were on the bill and they're now my favorite noise-band-whatever. There's a James Chance/Contortions vibe, but the spasms and energy are completely unique and hysterical to me. I literally can't stop laughing when they are around and/or playing. 

An impromptu free improvised session at the night of the night occurred due to Tony James' encouragement, with CEOs Inc, Sky Symbol Rituals (his set was great, gave me panic feels) and Brian Boyle (also great set, lush, beautiful) and David Nielsen. Psychedelic, expansive and cathartic...I needed that. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Doris Day Or Die no.7

Episode no.7 of the Doris Day Or Die Podcast, an experimental, free improvisation, noise and new music podcast. 

This episode sees me ramblin' on and on about whatever and ever. Some deep thoughts? Hints of sadness? Almost political stuff? It's all the same. Check it out. 

Music and sounds:

1. "Cloud Colored Christ"- Yogananda
2. John Cage talks about Glenn Branca for 18 minutes
3. "Mirrors" - Taku Sugimoto
4. "From The Plains to Mexico (Live on Night Music)" - The Residents

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Uneasy Chairs: Oregon Trippin'

I spent a few days in Salem and Portland playing a couple shows and playing live on Mid-Valley Mutations. I had been wanting to visit host Austin Rich and do the show for a long time and was glad to finally be able to come down and do it and booked a couple of other shows to bookend the radio spot, one in Salem at the excellent The Space (all vegan food and bar, so killer good!) and the other at Turn! Turn! Turn! in Portland. 

I had a great trip, hanging with friends, eating good home-cooked vegan food and catching great music, devilsclub, Remy Gnol, Justin Smith (who sat in with me and killed) and holy crap...Nathan Pepperoni with CEOs Inc.  I should've recorded all the great conversations I had over the days and car rides. I know some really intelligent amazing artists. 

I got some busking in around downtown Salem as well as at Lancaster Mall, which was surreal and hilarious, jamming with CEOs Inc and Nathan Pepperoni and getting gently booted out for it. It's on the "Oregon Trails" album below. Memories. 

Here's some video recorded by Austin Rich of my set with Justin at The Space and my appearance on Mid-Valley Mutations...enjoy.....